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Iowa State University has a rich history of successful applicants to national fellowships and awards. Check out the Iowa State University Undergraduate Nationally Competitive Awards Record (2013-Present) for further details. Below you will also find some of the news stories written about Iowa State award winners.

Before deciding to apply for a nationally competitive award, it's a good idea to read up on some of the profiles of successful past applicants. Most of the websites for major awards post the profiles of each year's winners. Refer to the award directory for links to each award site.

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November 2019
May 2019

Four Iowa State students named Goldwater Scholars

(Jacqueline Blaum, Atte Kadoma, Nikita Kozak, Matthew Ryan)

April 2019

Two Iowa State students named Udall Scholars (Carissa Moyna and Jacob Wright)

March 2019

November 2018
May 2018